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Upcoming Events: Thomas K Vaidhyan to speak about AI Data Driven Virtual Immersive Training at GATTPS2018 at Doha, Qatar - 11 Dec 2018 Past Events: Thomas was a speaker at the EATS 2018 Pilot Training and Cabin Crew joint session on May 7 held at Madrid, Spain Aten Inc Cited as one of the Key Players by The World Serious Game Market Forecast 2017 -2023 Past Events: Thomas K Vaidhyan, CEO, Aten Inc to speak at Asian Aviation & Education Training Symposium on 8th March 2018 at Seoul, Korea. Upcoming Events: Thomas K Vaidhyan, CEO, Aten Inc to speak at 21st World Aviation Training Summit. Past Events: Gamilearn’17, June 5-6, 2017 at Tenerife, Spain | IGBL, June 22-23, 2017 at Cork City, UK. Past Events: May 3, 2017 – WATS2017, Orlando, Florida - CEO Thomas K Vaidhyan gives a talk on data driven, 3D immersive training methodologies and their application for solving complex tasks in real-world situations, under real-life constraints and in real-time. Past Events: Thursday, December 17, 2015 - Triangle @ RTP: Lexercise, Aten Inc, ArgusQ, LLC, Anuva - Triangle TechBreakfast (Raleigh, NC) - Meetup Past Events: 15-16th September 2015 - Aten Inc selected as Demo Company at CED TechVenture 2015 Past Events: July 16th - RTP 180º @ "The Frontier" - CEO, Thomas K Vaidhyan, speaks on Serious Gaming. Past Events: June 5th, 2015 - Nasscom Product Conclave, Kochi, India - President, Sunita Menon represents Aten as Demo Company Past Events: Nov 16th, 2011 -London - London School of Management and Science - CEO Thomas K Vaidhyan gives a talk to the Chancellor & Senior Management/Staff on using 3D Immersive Simulations, Serious Games and Virtual worlds for next generation education and personalized learning. Past Events: Nov 15th, 2011 - Uppsala - Swedish University of agricultural Sciences - CEO Thomas K Vaidhyan gives Guest Lecture on Next Generation Collaborative Blended Learning at the Workshop on Planning education Adaptation to Global Environmental Change Past Events: Nov 10th 2011 - Indianapolis - International Association of K-12 Online Learning and Virtual School Symposium - CEO Thomas K Vaidhyan is one of the speakers at this event on using 3D Immersive Learning environments and Serious Games for blended learning in K-12 Education.

Immersive, Engaging, Interactive learning

Personalized, Competency based Immersive engaging and meaningful learning experiences...


Formative, Adaptive & Diagnostic Assessments

Problem Based Learning with embedded Formative, Adaptive and Diagnostic Stealth Assessments...


Individualized tracking and Data analytics

Real Time Individualized tracking with Customized Data Analytics on Teacher Dashboard...


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Corporate Training

Aten your NextGen Learning Solution Partner

Aten Inc is an Award winning pioneer in the Serious Game/Simulation based Training industry, with multiple Fortune 500 clients, involved in early research with North Carolina State University & Virginia Tech.

From its initial days of IT consulting & Custom Project development for niche clients like Merrill Lynch, BOA, Revlon , Sigma Xi etc in Enterprise, Web or Mobile solutions, Aten Inc has developed unique expertise in Virtual Immersive Learning solutions with its early research association with NC State, Virginia Tech and Duke being parlayed to some of our key clients in the Financial, BioTech and Pharmaceutical industries . In fact, we can proudly claim to be one of the pioneers in using Serious Games and 3D Virtual Simulations for very sophisticated and cutting edge training, development and assessment solutions.

These Pioneering solutions not only led to numerous Accolades & Awards to Aten's work, ranging from

  • 2012 Excellence in Innovation Award from JPMC,
  • 2015- US National Board of Medical Examiners Centennial Competition - SemiFinalist,
  • 2011- Gates Foundation - Next-Gen Learning Challenge Finalist,
  • 2010- MacArthur Foundation - Digital & Learning Media Competition Finalist,

but also in having Aten Cited as one of the Key Players by The World Serious Game Market Forecast 2017 -2023 .


     Immersive & Interactive Virtual Simulations

  • Evidence Centered Design
  • Experiential & Situational
  • Formative Feedback
  • AI /Adaptive Intelligence
  • Personalization
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • Stealth Assessments
  • Gamification
  • AI & PredictiveData Analytics
  • = 100 % Learning Objectives Achieved !

These Research-proven, highly engaging, immersive simulations mimic core experiences that users have in a professional practicum in the field, enabling measurement of different types of learning, tracking of individual strengths /weaknesses and are structured to measure active construction of knowledge, performance on realistic complex tasks and numerous extremely valuable constructs which cannot otherwise be measured.

Initiated by the Department Of Defense, 3D Immersive Simulations using principles of evidence centered design, have been widely researched by Universities/Organizations like National Center for Research on Evaluation (UCLA), Harvard, NC State, Virginia Tech etc and a range of Fortune 500 companies. They are accepted across industries as one of the most effective methods of training and assessment.

ROI includes:

  • Simulation Users retain 90% of Information unlike 10% when reading !
  • Aten's Adaptive intelligent, Personalised tracking, Feedback and Assessment framework takes it to 100%!
  • Huge ROI & Cost savings on Critical Error Reduction
  • Huge ROI on global scaling
  • Compliance authority nod in using sophisticated training & assessments.
  • Accurate Skills & Competencies Performance Assessment ensures vetted candidates with right Aptitude, Attitude, Functional abilities and Soft Skills

ROI Calculation

While we had been waxing eloquent about the ROI to our customers for ages and in sweeping statements, this was the first time we really broke down at least the tangible benefits to put a monetary value to each.

"Its very easy to learn & grasp as a lot of people are hands on .When I can see something and then do it, I learn better !" - Eisai Pharma user

"Our Users love our fun, engaging, immersive, game like simulations that give them a feeling of experiencing a variety of situations while being guided by a Personal Mentor!"


Wow ! This is such a visual and easy way to learn by doing ! I can't wait for the next module " - user at Eisai Pharmeceuticals.


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