Aten Inc., a North Carolina based Corporation, ( WBE/MBE), is a Global Information Technology solutions provider, started by a group of entrepreneurs with proven expertise in the Management & IT Consulting, Finance, Telecommunications, Supply Chain Management, Remote Processing, Market Research and Hospitality, industries.

Our philosophy at Aten Inc is to provide the best quality of services at the lowest possible costs, while following a simple, straightforward and collaborative approach.


From its initial days of IT consulting & Custom Project development for niche clients like Merrill Lynch, BOA, Revlon , Sigma Xi etc in Enterprise, Web or Mobile solutions, Aten Inc has developed unique expertise in Virtual Immersive Learning solutions with its early research association with NC State, Virginia Tech and Duke being parlayed to some of our key clients in the Financial, BioTech and Pharmaceutical industries . In fact, we can proudly claim to be one of the pioneers in using Serious Games and 3D Virtual Simulations for very sophisticated and cutting edge training, development and assessment solutions.

“Its very easy to learn & grasp as a lot of people are hands on .When I can see something and then do it, I learn better !” - Eisai Pharma user

"Our Users love our fun, engaging, immersive, game like simulations that give them a feeling of experiencing a variety of situations while being guided by a Personal Men- tor!”

Aten Inc is an Award winning pioneer in the Serious Game/Simulation based Train- ing industry, with multiple Fortune 500 clients, involved in early research with North Carolina State University & Virginia Tech.

Discuss & Learn from our experiences as a Practitioner over the last 10 years in • Fun training & learning using VR Simulations & Serious games

We shall talk about our experiences from R&D to Designing & Developing AI Driven Virtual Training Simulations & Serious games with embedded performance based stealth assessment of functional/soft skill/competencies evidenced by their applica- tion in a variety of simulations of real life situations that Aviation Professionals face on a day to day basis.

These Research proven, highly engaging, immersive simulations mimic core experi- ences that users have in a professional practicum in the field, enabling measure-ment of different types of learning, tracking of individual strengths /weaknesses and are structured to measure active construction of knowledge, performance on realistic complex tasks and numerous extremely valuable constructs which cannot oth- erwise be measured.

Initiated by the Department Of Defense, 3D Immersive Simulations using principles of evidence centered design, have been widely researched by Universities/Organizations like National Center for Research on Evaluation (UCLA), Harvard, NC State, Virginia Tech etc and a range of Fortune 500 companies. They are accepted across industries as one of the most effective methods of training and assessment.

Our vision

Imagine, Design & Innovate, leveraging the most impactful advances in technology to create a world where learning becomes fun, enriching and a rewarding experience.

Our mission

Mission is to help individuals and organizations become more productive through learning by providing innovative training, simulation and decision making tools.

We are good at ...

Thinking outside the box, collaborating with Clients to create Unique, Highly Engaging, Scaleable Assessment, Hiring, Training, Marketing or Strategic Decision Making solutions bringing tremendous Value Addition and Return on Investment.

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Aten brings you research collaborated & proven expertise in the design,development & deployment of these sophisticated, next generation virtual learning tools/solutions, customized to your needs!

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