Sunita Menon


With Over 33 years of work experience across a plethora of Industries ranging from Financial, Banking, Telecom, to Hospitality, Market Research & IT consulting, Sunita is President of Aten Inc.

She has previously served as Vice President, HR, Acumen Technologies Inc., HR Director at Atlas Software, National Sales Manager- Fortune Park Hotels, Project Director at CSMM/JWT, Product Manager at Tata Telcom, Assistant Manager at Citibank and Marketing Executive at ITC Classic Finance.

An entrepreneur at a very young age she started an investment management firm in her twenties and joined forces with her partners to form a number of start ups over the past 15 years.


An astute judge of people's abilities and capabilities she has a unique knack for choosing the best people to work with her as well as to strike an instant rapport with them and motivate them to higher successes.


Passionate about bringing Education to the underprivileged and masses, she is an avid supporter of Pratham, CRY, etc. She is currently engaged in facilitating a collaborative effort between Pratham and her Alma Mater, St.Theresa’s Calcutta to provide quality free education to the under privileged.


An MBA from Calcutta University, she is also an amateur singer and avid enthusiast of Indian music. A talented cook she loves to experiment with a variety of Indian and Global cuisines. Traveling, Theatre, Music and Reading are her other interests.

Education is the greatest equalizer ! If we can bring it to every child, especially every girl, we bring them Freedom in more ways than one !

- Sunita Menon -