Augmented Reality

Pilot training

An Augmented Reality Environment that trains the person or the pilot about the entire procedures for operating an aeroplane. Formative feedbacks are given if something is done wrong, at the same time analyses the user related to their perfomance. This stimulation helps the trainee understand better compared to the conventional training techniques. and also it can elaberate something that can't be explained by the conventional training such as visualization of some important part on the aero which is placed in beneath some frame works.conditions like this can be easily handled by our stimulation. which is considered to be one of the highlights for using it

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NOV 2009

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From its initial days of IT consulting & Custom Project development for niche clients like Merrill Lynch, BOA, Revlon , Sigma Xi etc in Enterprise, Web or Mobile solutions, Aten Inc has developed unique expertise in Virtual Immersive Learning solutions with its early research association with NC State, Virginia Tech and Duke being parlayed to some of our key clients in the Financial, BioTech and Pharmaceutical industries . In fact, we can proudly claim to be one of the pioneers in using Serious Games and 3D Virtual Simulations for very sophisticated and cutting edge training, development and assessment solutions.

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